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Venus Transit 2012

JUNE 5 2012

From June 4-6 2012 the Star Knowledge Conference was held at the Stewart Mineral Springs Conference Center near Mt. Shasta, California in a beautiful powerful Geodesic Dome to celebrate the Venus Transit, the Return of the Divine Feminine and the Return of the Precious Twin, the Precious Serpent Quetzalcoatl. The Conference was organized by Chief Golden Light Eagle (Dakota), Chief Blue Star Eagle (Dakota), Grandmother Silver Star (Cherokee), the Rev. Jean Holmes and many others.

We were blessed with many teachings, healing sessions, Native American music concerts in many native languages including Lakota, Nahuatl, Chumash, Paiute, Cree, Karok and Tewa.

At the time of Venus Transit several of us went to a small observatory over looking Mount Shasta and Black Butte and the mountains to the west. It was cloudy, raining and snowing a couple of thousand feet above us on the mountain.

One of the women present mentioned she dissolved clouds when she was a child using her imagination. She suggested for us to try it which we did. Mazatzin and his son Che blew on Conch shells.

I have seen the sound from conch shells dissolve clouds previously in Mexico. The clouds dissolved within 30 minutes, it was amazing.

We looked at the sun with special glasses we could see Venus crossing in front of the sun. Venus looked like a black pea going across the sun.

Mazatzin explained to us how this Venus Transit was an Aztec prophesy representing the return of QUETZALCOATL (Ketzalkoatl) the Precious Serpent our precious twin. When he had finished I heard him shout some words in Nahuatl (Mexika) than he said in English that

“QUETZALCOATL has indeed showed us that he is returning.” He pointed toward Mount Shasta a large shadow that looked like a snake was slowly crossing Mount Shasta when it reached the large heart shape formation on Mount Shasta he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. It appeared to some of us, there was a head on the other end. To some it appeared the Serpent was swallowing his tail.

When we looked at Black Butte there were saucer shaped clouds and airplanes shaped clouds hovering over it. There were beautiful orb shaped lights dancing in the sky.

That evening we participated in a Native American snake dance. The men lined up and formed the first part of the snake the woman followed forming the tail of the snake we danced in spirals and circles for about an hour.

Snake Dance with Orbs.

This represents ones journey through life. The dance ended with each participant jumping over a stick which signifies dropping their robes (passing beyond death) to the heavenly realms. Following the dance we had a Birthday celebration for Chief Golden Light Eagle.
The next morning several of us gathered in the parking lot at the Hi-Lo Motel in Weed California. We placed three Crystal Skulls one Obsidian from Mexico, one Hematite from Tibet, and one of clear Crystal from Brazil in a circle along with other sacred objects.

Mazatzin then opened the six directions in Nahuatl (Mexika) and performed ceremony.
We then got in our cars and traveled about 30 miles north of Mount Shasta to Pluto’s Lava Cave. This is located in a desolate sage, brush, Pinyon pine, juniper and volcanic rock covered area.
As we started down the half mile path to the cave a hummingbird flew in front of us.

A Pinyon Jay sang to us from a small tree. Many beautiful orange butterflies flew around us. I found a white owl feather on the trail. The entrance to the cave required a difficult descent over multiple lava boulders. The floor of the cave was dust and chunks of lava rocks. In the middle of the cave the roof had collapsed creating a round hole in the ceiling about 30 feet across.

The sun was shining in the opening creating a beam of light. There were Juniper trees and flowering plants growing around the opening. Many pieces of Juniper wood had fallen into the cave. There was a fire circle inside the cave made of ancient rocks.

This cave has been and still used by local Native Americans for Sacred Ceremonies. A Paiute Indian Medicine Man, Marshal Golden Eagle Jack built a small fire of juniper wood and lit a bee’s wax candle beside it. He sang sacred songs and said prayers in Paiute. Several of us said prayers and sang songs in our personal native languages.

We looked up above in the opening and saw several hummingbirds sipping the nectars of flowers growing around the opening A few minutes later many dragonflies flew around the opening. Swallows darted in and out of the opening at the top of the cave.

Golden Eagle Jack –Paiute Medicine Man
With Giant Orbs
Mazatzin Aztekayollokalli, Azteka Cosmologist gave us a talk on the Aztec calendar and the spiritual meaning of the Venus Transit. He carried large murals of the Azteka calendar with him and put them up on the wall of the cave. There were men and women, young children and representatives of the four races, white, black, red and yellow. We were united in Ceremony.

We are all now One with our Precious Twins following the Venus Transit, the Return of our Precious Twin- Unity Consciousness, Oneness.
It was an indescribable blessing to be involved in Ceremony in such a magical place!
After the ceremony we scrambled back out of the cave. There was a large Ravens nest near the entrance of the cave. The baby ravens looked as big as ordinary crows.

I was the last one to leave the cave. I had polio as a child and walk and climb slowly. A man and a woman approached me on the trail. The man was wearing a purple T shirt with the word Tiahuanaco on it. He wore jeans and tennis shoes. He had dark brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He stopped by me and introduced himself. “I am Germain” he said.

I pointed out the word Tihuanaco on his T shirt. He said “I remember you there in one of your previous life times. I spend part of my time at the Convento de los Siete Rayas – the Convent of the Seven Rays near Lake Titicaca, part of my time at Mt. Shasta and the underground city of Telos (Crystal City beneath Mount Shasta), and part of my time on a planet near the Star Arcturus with the Galactic Council.”
He said that Pluto Cave is a portal to both Telos and the Stars because of the opening in the ceiling. I asked some friends of mine that live near Mt. Shasta about this mysterious encounter. One young lady said “I have been hoping to see St. Germain. He may appear as a Spirit, he may appear as a Master wearing purple robes or he may appear as an ordinary person. He appears on trails, in forests, in meadows or on Mt. Shasta. Occasionally he appears in the local towns in many guises.”
According to the Azteka prophecies this Venus Transit is the Return of Quetzalcoatl (Ketzalkoatl)-The Precious Serpent- Our Precious Twin.
Who is our Precious Twin? Our Twin is everyone in the world, Mother Earth and all her peoples. The rock people, the plant people, the four legged ones, those that fly, those that swim and the creepy crawly ones.
Our Universe, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, The Divine Father and Mother and yes the entire Universe from the largest galaxy to the smallest subatomic particle. All that is, Unity Consciousness, Oneness, The Mystical Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. Non Duality, The end of Duality.
The Cosmic meaning of the Venus Transit is not Aztec, Maya, Native American or religious in nature. It is a Cosmic Event for all humanity. It was ordained by our Creator- the Great Mystery.

Quetzalcoatl the Precious Serpent, the Precious Twin, Venus Awakening after the Venus Transit- The Return of “Quetzalcoatl”.

Many thanks to Paula Kavanagh “La Dama Coyote’ for her help.

Dr.Arthur Cushman, Arturo Luminoso, Quetzal Tlaneztsia
Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack
Mazatzin Aztekayollokalli
Chief Golden Light Eagle
Reverend Gene Holmes
Grandmother Silver Star







The excitement at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego California was palpable as the Azteca Dancers ceremonially opened the 6 directions accompanied by Conch shell horns and drums.



Mazatzin Aztecayollokalli, Kickapoo- Mexika Time Keeper and Grace Sesma,Yaqui Curandera (Medicine Woman) at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego. Behind them is a mural of the Aztec Calendar.


Azteca- Mexika Dancers opening the 6 sacred directions. (East, West, North, South, Above, Below) accompanied by drums and Conch shell horns.


March 20, 2012 Vernal Equinox day and night are the same length. Following this day the days get longer.

May 5, 2012 Super Full Moon The Moon reached its perigee of its orbit around the Earth (the closest point in its elliptical orbit).  This is why the Moon appeared larger than usual. The Moon was in the constellation Scorpio.  According to ancient Native American cosmology the constellation Scorpio-Sagittarius was known as the great serpent in the sky or the Realm of Souls.  This is located at the Galactic Center. The Sun will arise at the Galactic Center on December 21, 2012.  On May 5, 2012 the Super Moon arose at the Galactic Center.

May 20 2012 the  Zenith Sun is in perfect alignment with the Pleiades in the constellation Taurus. At mid-day (high noon) they will be directly over the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl (Kulkulcan) at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. This is a cosmic alarm clock. This appears to be one of the main reasons the pyramid was built to warn us of the imminent return of Quetzalcoatl. The eight rattlesnakes   located at the sides of the four stairs have their heads on the earth and their rattles high above the top of the pyramid sounding the alarm. The Maya name for the Pleiades (Tzab) is also the word used for rattles or alarm.

The pyramid is best known as an Equinox marker. At the spring and fall Equinox (when day and night are the same length) a shadow slowly goes down the northern stairway in the late afternoon showing an undulating serpent descending into the Earth.


At the winter solstice the serpent appears to climb up the western wall, stops on the top and then descends.

  •  The first Central Solar Eclipse of the 21st century will occur on May 21, 2012 in the constellation Taurus, the day after the alarm sounds.

The eclipse will be an Annular Eclipse (doesn’t cover the entire sun). It is a Central Eclipse(it crosses the center of the sun). It will not be visible in the Yucatan. It will be visible along the Pacific Rim of Fire from Japan to California.


  • June 5-6 2012 Venus Transit. Venus passes between the sun and the earth (eclipse) in conjunction with the Pleiades. This is the return of Quetzalcoatl the Precious Twin, Morning Star and Evening Star.

Every 104 years Venus/ Quetzalcoatl / the Precious Twin service the Earth with Divine Love that is greatly amplified during the Venus transit. This event lasts six to seven hours. As Venus crosses the face of the sun frequencies of solar light exponentially expands Venus ability to give Divine Love to the Earth. This increase influx of Divine Love affects everything on Earth. The Venus transit occurs in two parts.  After the first transit the Love of Venus builds in momentum and prepares life on Earth for the amplified influx of Divine Love during the second part of the Venus transit. This happens about eight years minus two days later. The First Venus Transit took place June 8, 2004. Since then the Love of Venus has been building in momentum, enhancing the awakening that is taking place on Earth. The second part of the Venus Transit will occur on June 5 and 6 2012.  After this event humanity will shift into a state of higher consciousness of Divine Love and Light. (From the writings of Patricia Cota-Robles).

  • December 21 2012 the Galactic Alignment. Holy Mother Earth, Santa Tierra Madre moves into the Fifth Dimension, the Golden Age, the Fifth Sun, the age of Aquarius, the apogee of our galaxies 26,000 year journey.
  • The Promise or Prophecy of Cuauhtémoc. He was the last ruler of the Aztec nation. He was captured by Cortes and the Spanish conquistadors in 1521. They told him “We want you to show us where your gold is. We have a disease that can only be cured by gold” (greed). Cuauhtémoc never spoke another word until just before his death.  Cuauhtémoc replied “We have something we can give you that is much more precious than gold. The Sun (light) is going to a place of darkness, rest and transformation. Sometime in the future the Light will again shine on Earth and its people. Our secrets will be revealed to you.”
  • He refused to convert to Christianity. In 1525 the Inquisitors killed him by tying his feet with ropes and drowning him upside down. He joined 50 million (probably more) Native Americans who died because of greed or because they refused to convert to Christianity.





  • WINTER SOLSTICE: The shortest day and the longest night of the year. The start of winter. The day the sun returns shining for a longer time each day until the Summer Solstice when the days get shorter again.
  • ZENITH SUN: When the sun is directly overhead at noon. A pole will cast no shadow. This occurs twice a year between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • VENUS TRANSIT: When Venus passes (eclipses) exactly between the Earth and the sun. The last Venus transit was June 8, 2004. The previous one was in 1882. The next Venus transit will be in 2117.
  • PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES: The slow shift in the orientation of the earth’s axis of rotation, like a wobbling top, caused primarily by the gravitational forces of the sun and moon.  It takes  about 26,000 years to complete a cycle or a little over 2000 years to move from one sign of the zodiac to another. On December 21, 2012 the Sun, Jupiter, Earth and the Pleiades line up with the galactic center. We are passing through the plane of our galaxy the Milky Way.

GALACTIC ALIGNMENT DECEMBER 21, 2012. The event that occurs every 26,000 years when the rising sun exactly lines up with the center of the Milky Way galaxy- our galaxy. The principle is the same as the moon circling the earth or the earth rotating around the sun. We are at the apogee the point in the rotation farthest from the Galactic Center.


  • QUETZALCOATL In the Mexika or Nahuatl language on its highest level this means Precious Twin, Morning Star/Evening Star, Venus, Conquering duality (meeting ourselves again). Quetzalcoatl is not Jesus or a bearded white person. He/She is Venus the Precious Twin and the Cosmic Power of Venus.
  • COSMIC IDENTITY: Your personal identity based on the exact time you were born. At birth you receive an imprint of that exact planetary configuration. European Astrology uses the position of the Sun, Planets and the constellations of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The Aztec calendar is the most accurate calendar made by man. It includes many additional interlocking cosmological factors. The ancient Native Americans astronomy was very advanced. They spent thousands of years studying the heavens and the position of the stars, moon, sun, and planets on the personality and spiritual path of the new born individual.


Photos of Mazatzin Aztecayollokalli, Aztec Time keeper at the 11:11:11 Star Knowledge Conference with Chief Standing Bear Choctaw Chief (right). Cahokia, Illinois

To learn your Cosmic Identity from the Aztec Calendar go to or look at his many videos on YouTube. “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars (planets). On earth nations will be afraid and confused”—LUKE 21; 25 NCV How did the Aztecs and Maya know about these things? They knew this from thousands of years of studying the heavens. The Aztec calendar is the most advanced calendar in the world! The following words were spoken by Mazatzin Aztecayollokalli at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego, California on December 21, 2011. “This is not an Aztec, Maya, Mexican or Native American thing. This is not a religion or spiritual teaching. This is for all people. We are all one. This is based on scientific study of the movements of the sun, moon, planets and stars and their effects on planet earth and its inhabitants by ancient advanced cultures over thousands of years.” Dr. Arthur Cushman 2/15/2012

Part One




Temascal/ Sweat Lodge


Temascal/ Women’s Sweat Lodge


The question you are probably asking yourself even before reading this is why would any one in their right mind even consider doing a sweat lodge ceremony. You may be thinking, I can’t imagine anything worse than squating on a mud floor with a number of other sweaty bodies in the dark. This is claustrophobia at its worst. Add to that hot steam, strange smells from herbs placed on the hot stones and the noise of drums, rattles, chanting, songs and prayers in strange languages.

Maybe this article will change your mind!


The following talk was given  at the beginning of a Sweat Lodge Ceremony in March 2012 by Tata Oso- Grandfather Bear. He was the Sweat Lodge leader. He is an Apache- Mexica Medicine Man and Nagual. This took place as part of the Spring Equinox Ceremonies on the Aguaje de la Tuna Kumiaii Indian Reservation near Tecate B.C. Mexico. The participants were from a number of Native American groups from Mexico and the United States

A special invitation had been given for anyone that had either never participated in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony or had not participated for a long time to attend this particular sweat lodge.  This was the reason for the lengthy explanation. He describes the Mexica or the Mexican Native American way. The Mexica ceremony is similar to the Lakota Sweat Lodge or Inipi (Lakota word for sweat lodge ceremony), the type of sweat lodge ceremony most widely practiced in the United States:

“Our ancestors, on Turtle Island (The Americas), have done the Sweat Lodge Ceremony or Temascal ceremony for as long as we have been here. White Buffalo Calf Woman taught the Plains Indians about the Sweat Lodge. In Mexico we have been doing Sweat Lodge Ceremonies for as long as anyone can remember.

In Mexico, Central America and much of the Southwestern United States the Sweat Lodge is called a Temascal. The lodge we were in was built of willow boughs covered with blankets. Many of the sweat lodges in central Mexico and the Yucatan are built of blocks of limestone in a circular igloo like shape. Some say these are the true Temascals but the word Temascal is widely used for all types of sweat lodges in most of Latin America and much on the Southwestern United States. Some are very ancient. In Mexico all sweat lodges are referred to as Temascales.

When we enter the Temascal or sweat lodge, we touch our head to the ground and say, “permiso para entrar, may I have permission to enter.”  We are not asking the Sweat Lodge leader permission to enter.  We are asking permission of Santa Tierra Madre – Holy Mother Earth for her permission to enter. We are entering the womb of Mother Earth. This indicates that we recognize that we belong to the Earth.  The Earth is our mother and we are her caretakers. We do not own the Earth.

Many also invoked the name Ometeotl.  Ometeotl is the creative force that made the Universe and is the universe. He/She is the Great Mystery (la Gran Misteria.) Ometeotl is not a god but is both the creator and created.

When we enter, the woman and children go in first in single file and sit on the left side of the sweat lodge. Men and older boys then enter and sit on the right.  This recognizes that Creator created a universe of duality, male/female, up/down, light/darkness. In the Temascal all are one and duality is balanced.

The pit in the center when the hot stones are placed represents the molten iron core of mother earth.  The stones that are placed in the pit represent the Sun and the element Fire. The stones also represent the Sun behind the Sun (the Galactic Center) and the Central Sun (the Center of the Universe.)  All three suns are connected energetically to the red hot stones in the pit in the center of the lodge.

Our grandfathers, the abuelos , tell us that fire and stone were once one and that all stones  were once pure energy.  They are now solid but are still made of energy.

The herbs such as sage and copal that are placed on the hot stones represent the plant people.  The smoke arising when the herbs burn represents our prayers ascending to the heavens.

The water poured on the red hot stones is the element water which turns to steam as it combines with fire.  Our elders also teach us that water was also once pure energy.

The red hot stones are brought in 4 times, usually seven, one after another are brought in with each round. The stones represent the 4 cardinal directions east, west, north and south and the 4 winds. The stones are brought in with a pitchfork and are arranged in the pit with deer antlers and carefully placed in the pit in the center of the lodge.

The axis going from the center of the earth through the center of the pit then through the center of the top of the lodge and to the Heavens represents are the Celestial Tree, Cosmic Tree or Tree of Life that connects the center of earth with the sun, the sun behind the sun – the galactic center and the central sun, the center of the universe.

The sweat lodge is constructed in 3 levels with two small horizontal bands of willow boughs. They represent lower, middle, and upper worlds.  The people in the sweat lodge represent not only people but also the animal nations. The animals are our brothers and sisters.

The element air is also present, rushing in when the door is opened. The blankets over the lodge let in air. The participants are mindful of their breath, breathing in light and breathing out stale air, darkness and impurities. Air also represents our speech and prayers as they are sent to the heavens. The Holy Breath of all the participants mixes and is breathed in and out by all. It is very important to be mindful of your breath. Fill your abdomen first, then your chest. Breathe in and out slowly.

The red, hot stones about the size of a man’s head  are called grandmothers or “abuelitas” They are honored when they are brought in by saying “bienvenidos abuelitas” (welcome grandmothers)  This shows that we remember that stones are very ancient and  represent the rock people; part of our Holy Mother Earth combined with fire.

When water is placed on the stones, it combines with fire and turns to steam.  Hot steam causes us to sweat, cleansing the body of toxins, making us more pure and increasing our vibrational level.

We sing many sacred songs and say many prayers to creator and mother earth between the rounds of stones. The leader typically guides the types of sacred songs that are sung and the types of prayers. These prayers and songs bring us closer to the Great Mystery and help to balance our lives and bring us to closer union with the Divine and each other.

We invite our ancestors and spirits of the ancient ones to join us in the fire.  We invite the angels and archangels to join us.  This gesture indicates that we realize that life is eternal and there is no reason to fear the spirits of our ancestors and the visitors from the spirit world.

In the Sweat Lodge, we are all one.  Souls are united as one. This greatly increases the power: the power to heal, the power to have mystical experiences and again come into unity with all that is.  This is Indigenous Alchemy.  Fire, earth, water, air, and spirit become one. They are in balance.  We can work with any elements that appear to be out of balance during the sweat lodge ceremony and return them to balance.

This is the most Holy Spiritual ExperienceThis is not a religion.  It is a spiritual experience that returns us to balance and again fills our heart with love and appreciation for all it is.

Part Two







The participants line up outside the circle of stones (see diagram).  Men stand on the left and women stand on the right.  Woman and small children enter first.

Upon entering, the participants are smudged with sage and copal (pine resin) and other herbs. Immediately upon entering the circle the participants take a pinch of tobacco from a jar, say prayers and toss the tobacco in the fire. The participants then circle the fire clockwise and come to the entrance of the sweat lodge.  They get down on their hands and knees and as they are entering and touch their foreheads to the ground in prayer saying “Santa Tierra Madre permiso para entrar” In English, it is “Holy Mother Earth, may I have permission to enter”.  Many participants also say Ometeotl which means the Creator, the Great Mystery.  The Plains Indians of United States and many other Native American groups say the Lakota, words Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations) indicating that they recognize we are all related to Mother Earth, each other and all that is.  On entering, the participants circle clockwise on their hands and knees and then sit on the ground in a circle.  Woman and young children sit on the left. Men and older boys sit on the right.  In Mexika ceremonies woman wear long ankle-length white dresses and may hold small children on their laps.

The men typically wear shorts or swimming suits. Nudity and immodest clothing are not allowed.  Jewelry is not worn because of the heat.  The floor is dirt or mud and may be covered with sage leaves.  The leader first welcomes the participants, prays and gives a brief explanation about how the ceremony is going to be conducted and what the rules are.

Participants are always allowed to leave if they get too hot or feel ill. This is typically done between rounds of stones, but people are always allowed to leave if they are very ill.  All they need to do is to say “permiso para salir” – “may I have permission to leave”.  The participants are reassured that there is nothing wrong with leaving early.  This is a sacred ceremony and not a warrior thing. People who leave are typically asked to remain outside of the sweat lodge and pray until the ceremony is over.

The red hot stones are brought in four separate times or rounds.  Typically a total of seven stones are brought in one after another for each of the rounds a total of twenty-eight. Each round represents one of the four directions. The stones are brought in on a pitchfork one at a time and are placed in the pit with deer antlers in specific positions.  When the red hot stones are brought it, the participants say “bienvenido abuelita”, “welcome grandmother”.

After the stones are brought in, a small amount of sage, cedar, copal or other herbs are placed on the stones.  They frequently burst into flames.  The smoke and scents coming from the plant people ascend to the heavens as prayers.

Water is then added with a ladle in increments to the stones creating steam which immediately fills the sweat lodge. The sweat lodge becomes very hot. You can see almost nothing because of the steam.

Typically, 4 songs are sung with each round. Prayers and spiritual talks are given.  The participants maybe asked to speak.  They say “permiso para hablar” –“may I have permission to speak” Songs in sweat lodges may be sung in several languages.  The last one I attended, there were songs in Paiute, Mexica, Lakota, Yaqui, Spanish and English.  There may have been other languages too.  The entire group maybe invited to pray simultaneously for their families, themselves, their ancestors, for Mother Earth or Creator.

The door (puerta) is opened when the stones are brought in and maybe opened in between times if it gets too hot in the sweat lodge. Prayers and songs are often accompanied with rattles and drums or flutes.  When the participants leave, they leave in a clockwise directions starting with the woman and children.  On leaving, they again touch their foreheads to the ground saying, “permiso para salir”– “may I have permission to leave”.

The sweat lodge ceremony may last two to three hours.

Visions, mystical experiences, and spontaneous healings are common. The Spirits of Ancient Ones’, Spirit Guides and ancestors often appear to the participants in the sweat lodge.

Woman who are having their monthly periods, “mujeres en la luna” typically are not allowed to enter. They may have a separate sweat lodge.  Special, shorter sweat lodges are often done for the children.  The sweat lodges I have attended, the average age is 20-40 with many children including young children and teenagers.  This contrasts with churches in the towns where most of the people attending the services are older people, particularly woman.

The young Native Americans and others are rediscovering the sacred spirituality of their ancestors.  They are finding once again who they really are and why they are on the earth. All are welcome because We Are All One.  There is no difference between us.

How wonderful it is that many lights of love are beginning to burn, illuminating the Earth and gradually dispelling darkness.

The Via Roja‑ the Red Way is being discovered by many people, not just Native Americans.  This is not a religion or part of a religion. It is a profoundly spiritual experience. I encourage you to try it!

This is a Spiritual Path. All are welcome, regardless of religion, color or national origin.

All Are One in the sweat lodge.


Reference: Honoring the Medicine, The Essential Guide to Native American Healing, by Kenneth Cohen


Dr. Arthur Cushman, Arturo Luminoso,

Quetzal Tlaneztia

Tata Kachora and Arturo








       Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, an Apache- Mexika Medicine Man said the following words while leading a Sweat Lodge, Inipi, or Temascal Ceremony.“I am proud to call myself an Indio (Indian).  I am an Indian.  I am a Red Man, Yo soy Indio, Yo soy Hombre Rojo”. 

These words were spoken in the Ceremony on the Aguaje de La Tuna Kumyaii Indian Reservation near Tecate B.C., Mexico, at the Spring Equinox Ceremony in March 2012.

 There were about 30 people in the sweat lodge including men, women and children.  The leader of the sweat lodge, Grandfather Bear-Tata Oso, said the following:   “There are some that think the word Indio (Indian) is a bad word and that we should call ourselves Native Americans or other words. This is not true, 

“A mi la palabra Indio quiere decir “En Dios.”  “To me, the word Indio means “in God.”

There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) and have Red Hearts.  There are some in here that are Indios (Indians) that have White Hearts.  There are some White People in here that have Red Hearts.  There are White people with White Hearts; however, none of them are with us.  What do we mean by that? Creator created 4 colors or races of man.  These are the 4 colors of maiz (corn) : red, white, yellow and black. The color of the skin makes no difference because we are all created equal by Creator.

The Lakota say “Mitakuye Oyasin” (all my relations).  We are all one in the eyes of the Great Mystery, Creator, Wantan Tanka, and Ometeotl. We are all a small part of Creator. The color of the skin is meaningless.  The color of the Heart is a different thing.

The Indio (Indian) with a Red Heart remembers that he or she belongs to the Earth and the Earth does not belong to them.  The Indio remembers that he was placed and on Earth to care for the Earth, her water, air, the skin or surface including the rocks, the mountains and the mineral resources of Earth, the plants, the animals, the birds, the fish and the creepy crawly ones that are all part of Mother Earth  and each other.

 The Way of the Red Heart is the way of peace. It is a way of caring for and respecting all our Brothers and Sisters on Earth. The people with Red Hearts also respect all the elements of Mother Earth: air, water, fire and the earth herself.

The Way of the White Heart is the way of greed, the destruction of Earth for short-term gain and war.  It is a way of materialism.

 The White Heart says “I own that piece of property, that car, that home, whatever.”  Those with White Hearts say that they own the air space, water, and land. They say “We can build large, high fences to keep the Indio and anyone we do not like out. We are superior to them.”

 The Indio with a Red Heart says “Creator owns that piece of property.  It is mine to care for.”  There is a very marked lack of possessiveness among those with the Red Heart.

The White Heart teaches that one should distrust or even despise anyone with a different color of skin, different language, different culture or different religion (particularly non-Christian religions) and immigrants.

The Red Heart realizes that We Are All One and that we are all a small part of the Creator of the Universe.  We are not separate.

The people of the Red heart live in a hoop, a circle.  No one stands in front of them, no one stands behind them, and no one stands above or below them. All are one and equal.

“The time has come,” say the Elders of the Red Men, “to release the teachings of Red Road (La Via Roja) to all people.  We need to teach all about the Red Heart of love, compassion, peace, trust, caring for all people”.

 This is extremely important at this time since the rising of the Fifth Sun – The Return of Light is occurring now. The New Sun is gradually arising and shining on Earth at this time.  This is the year The Return of Light.  In order to enter the Fifth World or the Fifth Sun, we must cultivate the Red Heart.  It is our choice.  The time is now to decide.

The Via Roja the Red Road is the ONLY way to survive the troubles that we on Earth face at this time.

Many Indios or Red Men have forgotten who they are and why they are on Earth. They have developed White Hearts. Their hearts are filled with greed, jealousy, envy and materialism. Many Red Men are discovering who they really are and why they are on Earth at this time. They are becoming Beings of Light.

 Many White, Black and Yellow people are also discovering the Red Way. They are learning that they have Red Hearts and are letting their lights shine.

 This is not a Religion. This is a Spiritual Teaching. The Red Road has Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and members of many other religions as participants.

 Many indigenous groups in all parts of the world follow the Red Road and have for generations. This is not to say that indigenous cultures cannot be greedy, patriarchal or warlike peoples. Some are.

 The Red road does not require that you participate in Native American Ceremonies or wear Indian cloths. It is a way of the heart. As soon as enough lights shine, darkness will disappear from Earth.

The Light we have been awaiting for so long is returning! A glorious World is emerging!

We are the people we have been waiting for!

We are the people we have been expecting!

Dr. Arthur Cushman, Arturo Luminoso, Quetzal Tlaneztia.


Arturo and Tata Kachora

I would like to thank the following for their contributions to this article:

  1. Tata Oso – Grandfather Bear: Apache – Mexika Medicine Man and Nagual.
  2. Tata Kachora – Grandfather Lizard, Victor Gonzales Sandoval, Don Juan: Yaqui Medicine Man and Nagual
  3. Mazatzin Aztecayollokalli: Kickapoo- Mexika. Azteca Cosmologist
  4. Chief Golden Light Eagle: Dakota Chief and Star Knowledge Elder.
  5. Grandmother Silver Star: Cherokee Star Knowledge Elder
  6. Kenneth Cohen: Author of “Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing”and his wife Griselda Sesma, Yaqui Curandera (Medicine Woman). Both are teachers of Native American healing ways.